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2005/2006 Championship Season


The majority of the members of the FTA elected to enlist "group scoring" this year, mainly due to the increase in fuel prices in lieu of having observers. This is a major change to our rulebook for this year only. In order to qualify for the FTA Championship Series, riders will earn their two "work credits" by helping to set up the sections when it is time for their club to host the event. If there is a problem, please work this with your Club Director. For those who need to make up work credits, they will have an opportunity to help set up and/or observe the two-day Fun in the Sun, which will require observers on all of the sections. To help accomodate this change, all riders must be present at the rider's meeting at 10:45 am to find out which group of riders they will be riding with within their class and which section they will be starting on. We need your full cooperation if we are stay within the time constraints we currently allow at each of the events.